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Experiential Meanings of Children's Encounters with Photographs

From Museum Archives to Children's Archives in the Making

Despo Pasia

Felix Yiaxis © The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia

Photographic constructions of Cyprus are saturated with either colonial images of an agrarian, pre-modern land or nationalistic images of a place/country eternally torn by armed conflict. My research attempts to reveal part of the experience of young children's (11-13ys old) encounter with photographic constructions of Cyprus which clearly depart from the above, namely of everydayness in urban Cyprus during the 1940s - 1960s. 

Using a feminist (Paget, Devault, Harraway) and a phenomenological approach (Van Manen) I interviewed children about their own experience of photographing people, and at a later stage over their encounter with archival photographic material. During the third part of the fieldwork, children constructed photobooks by assembling their own photographs, archival photographs as well as additional images, text or objects. My analysis identifies a number of shared themes that are interpreted and communicated by employing the four phenomenological existentials of lived-space, lived-body, lived- time and lived-human relations.
Main Supervisor: Prof. Pam Meecham; Subsidiary Supervisor: Dr. Claire Robins