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" I see the Institute of Advanced Studies as providing a space for critical thinking and engaged enquiry within and across conventional disciplinary and departmental boundaries. The IAS aims to create an open and accessible research-based community, bridging traditional ‘artistic’ and ‘scientific’ practices and modes of thought, bringing UK and international scholars into conversation with one another, and identifying the urgent political, ethical and intellectual issues that face us in the world today. Professor Tamar Garb, IAS Director


Planetary Futures Call for Papers: Imagining the Future - Financial capitalism and the social imagination

The IAS is delighted to share a call for papers for this conference to be held on 11 July 2017 which it is co-funding under this year's Planetary Futures research theme.   The convenors invite abstract submissions (up to 300 words) which explore the various ‘intersections’ between political, economic and social imaginaries of financial capitalism. They are especially interested in theoretically-driven approaches studying the role of different types of imagination in materially mediating currently experienced crises (economic, social, border, migration etc.), through producing and legitimating dominant visions and narratives of the future.

UCL IAS Annual Review 2016

The Institute of Advanced Studies has produced its first Annual Review, celebrating its first full calendar year in existence, 2016.  Find out more about what we do, who we are, our activities and ethos by downloading it here.


The First European: A History of Alexander in the Age of Empire

The Institute of Advanced Studies is delighted to share an invitation to this seminar with Pierre Briant (Collège de France) which it has co-funded, on the occasion of the publication in English of Professor Briant’s book, Alexandre des Lumières: Fragments d’histoire européene (Paris, 2012). Respondents will be Richard Bourke (Queen Mary, University of London) and Sanja Perovic (King’s College London).

Starts: Mar 1, 2017 5:00:00 PM

The IAS in the media

The 2016 Orwell Lecture, given by Private Eye editor Ian Hislop on 15 November to a sold-out audience and organised by The Orwell Prize which is now housed at the IAS, hit the front cover of the New Statesman on 1 December. Read 'The Age of Outrage' here and watch the lecture here.

IAS Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Martin Edwards, recently featured in a pair of BBC Radio 4 programmes called ‘Farewell Doctor Finlay’, a two-part history of General Practice in the UK.  Both are available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer.

The research carried out by former Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Professor Evthymios Papataxiarchis, during his recent visit at the IAS is mentioned in this article in The Times Higher Education Supplement about the very successful Engaging Refugee Narratives event, hosted at the IAS on 30 June.  Read about it here.  He also appeared on BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight on 13 October discussing the refugee crisis in his fieldwork site of Skala Sykamnias, Greece.  Listen from 34 minutes 30 seconds in here.

Research carried out by Dr Lois Lee, Co-Director of the IAS's centre for Secularity and Secularism Studies and IAS Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Stephen Bullivant, which shows that the number of people in England and Wales who identify themselves as having 'no religion' is larger than those who identify themselves as Christian, was covered extensively in the media, grabbing the front page of The Guardian and a column in the Evening Standard.