Information Studies


Postgraduate Study

We largely teach at the postgraduate level and offer probably the widest range of information disciplines in the country.

Covering the fields of Librarianship, Information Science, Archives, Records Management, Digital Humanities and Publishing, we not only offer a wide range of fields and provide wide professional choice but also, via options etc, the important context in which to study the individual information discipline of your choice.

Postgraduate teaching at DIS is delivered through a range of taught programmes. Please see the left hand menu for our full list, including fees, how to apply and more information.

Programme content is organized into modules, each of these consisting of 30 contact hours, and completed in a single term. Each programme consists of a set of compulsory modules, plus options. The modular structure allows you to study on a part-time, or modular, basis, part-time students usually taking two modules per term, as opposed to the full-time four modules per term. A number of modules are available on more than one programme, and in these cases, students from the different programmes may be taught together.

A wide range of teaching and learning methods are employed, including formal lectures, seminars, small group work, computer lab practicals and classroom practicals. Overall there is a strong emphasis on informal teaching and the acquisition of practical skills. Assessment styles mirror this diversity with a mixture of essays, reports, and practical assignments such as website design and the creation of indexing tools.

The Department is fortunate to have a number of visiting lecturers and speakers who provide contact with the wider worlds of research and professional practice. We are also able to exploit the rich collections to be found in the surrounding area, some of which are used directly in teaching and learning.

Term 1 modules

Term 2 modules

Term 3 modules