Information Studies


Research Centres

International Centre for Archives and Records Management Research and User Studies: ICARUS

ICARUS was established in 2005 in recognition of the need to develop a significant body of research which seeks to identify, understand and meet the rapid technological and intellectual changes sweeping through the archives and records management discipline.

To this end ICARUS seeks to:

  • Develop knowledge and enhance understanding of the creation, management and use of records and their role in society
  • Map, monitor and evaluate significant changes in the archives and records domain using robust evidence-based methods.

ICARUS operates in a cross-disciplinary context, promoting a fuller understanding of how records relate to and interact with other forms of evidence and information and other types of memory object and material culture. It gives priority to research which incorporates partnership and cross-domain working.

The AHRC-funded ARMReN, the Archives and Records Management Research Network project runs from 2006-2007.

An AHRC-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award, to be held jointly with the National Archives, is available from 2007-2010.

Research Groups

Applied Logic Group more

DIS is a founding partner of the Applied Logic Group, an association of researchers from London and elsewhere interested in logic and its applications. Within this area, recent collaborative work involving DIS has concentrated in developing formal languages, theories and computational methods for reasoning about actions, and exploring their potential for application in such areas as automated planning, diagnosis and software requirements engineering.

Knowledge Organisation Group more

DIS staff are involved with ongoing changes to the main cataloguing standards, and to three of the major schemes of classification: the Dewey Decimal Classification, Universal Decimal Classification, and the Bliss Bibliographic Classification Second Edition. Research activity is centred around the creation of new terminologies and syntaxes for these systems, and also on the further advancement of the facet analytical approach to retrieval. DIS also has strong links to research communities within the wider profession, and it provides a home for the UK Classification Research Group, and for ISKO UK, the newly formed chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization, the lead research body in this field.