Information Studies


Recent publications by Dr. Andrew Flinn

  1. All Shook Up (see press release) is a collection of essays in memory of the leading Canadian Archive writer Terry Cook, compiling some of his most important essays plus commentary from writers across the world including a couple from UCL (Andrew Flinn and Goffrey Yeo). It comes out on July 6th and was launched at the Canadian Arcihves conference.  The link for further details is: https://mysaa.archivists.org/productdetails?id=a1B0b00000goAyREAU .
  2. Routledge have published Archives, Recordkeeping and Social Justice (June 1st) of which Dr. Andrw Flinn is one of 4 joint editors. Printed copies will be available later in the year, but the E-Book is available now. This is an important book including contributions from UCL researchers (Andrew Flinn and Anna Sexton contribute chapters from DIS, as does Beverley Butler from Archaeology). More details here:  https://www.routledge.com/Archives-Recordkeeping-and-Social-Justice/Wallace-Duff-Saucier-Flinn/p/book/9781472483881
  3. Community Archives, Community Spaces: Heritage, Memory and Identity edited by Jeannette Bastian (Simmons) and Andrew Flinn was also published earlier this year by Facet, http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=303502#.Xt-PLTpKhPY