Information Studies


About the Centre for Publishing

"Publishing is at the heart of the knowledge economy on which the UK's future is increasingly dependent. But statistics only tell half the story. Publishing's contribution is keenly felt in other ways. It seeds and feeds the creativity of television, film and theatre and plays a pivotal role in our education, from cradle to grave". Publishing Touches Everyone, Publishers Association, 2011

Publishing is a dynamic and creative industry and UCL's Centre for Publishing, situated within easy reach of many major publishing businesses, engages directly with these exciting and demanding contexts. The Centre is research driven with a commitment to knowledge transfer, and informs the publishing industry and the broader world of information management and communication. It offers scholars and publishers vibrant ideas, insights and evidence to ensure success in a digital networked world.

Situated within the Department of Information Studies, the Centre is strongly placed to work with colleagues in related (and increasingly more collaborative) disciplines such as information science, digital humanities, and library and archive studies. The Centre's location in central London also makes it an ideal base for collaboration with organisations outside UCL which connect to publishing, such as app developers, bookshops, museums, galleries, libraries and archives.

We offer a research-led MA in Publishing, which allows students to pursue a close professional study of trade and academic publishing today. The course offers opportunities to look at STM, journal and open access publishing, and there is a strong emphasis on the digital aspects of publishing in its widest sense.