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Annemaree Lloyd

Annemaree Lloyd

Professor Annemaree Lloyd is a social science researcher with interest in information studies. She has held academic posts in Sweden and Australia prior to commencing at UCL London, and has also worked as an adult education librarian and vocational educator at TAFE, New South Wales, Australia. Her research explores the intersection between information, learning, practice and culture. Professor Lloyd is engaged with theoretical and empirical work associated with information practice, information literacy, and landscape methodology. In the workplace, her research explores the information experience of learning working practice and performance.  In the health information field, Professor Lloyd has undertaken interdisciplinary research on nurses’ workplace learning; she also investigates health literacy in relation to refugee knowledge construction, and the health information practices of people with chronic illness.

Current research has investigated the information experience of forced migration, transition, resettlement for refugee adults and young people and the implications for social inclusion in private and public sectors.

Annemaree supervises doctoral students wishing to undertake qualitative inquiry on the following topics: 

  • Information literacy in educational, workplace or community settings
  • Information practices
  • Embodiment, place and space
  • Health information literacy
  • Information behaviour
  • Social inclusion and exclusion of marginalised groups
  • Social media
  • Transition

Using a range of qualitative methods including

  • Constructivist grounded theory method
  • Discourse analysis
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Arts-informed methods
  • Participatory Action Research

A full list of publications can be found at: anniemlloyd.com

Website: anniemlloyd.com

Email: annemaree.lloyd@ucl.ac.uk

Telephone:  +44 (0) 2076794167

Address: G30, Department of Information Studies, University College London, Foster Court, LONDON WC1E 6BT