Information Studies


Management board

The Freedom of Information Act and records management project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for 14 months (2008-2009).


The Management Board that oversees the project includes experts from The National Archives, FOI, records management and research communities:

  • Professor Robert Hazell (UCL, Constitution Unit)
  • Maurice Frankel (Director, Campaign for FOI)
  • Steve Wood (Assistant Commissioner, Head of FOI Policy, Information Commissioner's Office)
  •  Dr Duncan Simpson (freelance consultant)
  • Sarah Holsen (Institut de hautes etudes en administration publique, Lausanne)
  • Susan Healy (Information Policy Consultant and Data Protection Officer, The National Archives)
  • Piers Cain (Head of Knowledge Management, Chartered Management Institute)
  • Steve Bailey (JISCinfoNet)
  • Rudi Leoni (London Information Rights Forum)
  • Dr Ben Worthy (UCL, Constitution Unit)
  • Dr Peter Sebina (Senior Lecturer, School of Library Studies, University of Botswana)
  • Dr Vicki Lemieux (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Together with the researchers working on the project at UCL, DIS:

  • Dr Andrew Flinn
  • Dr Elizabeth Shepherd 
  • Dr Alice Stevenson

Agendas and papers for Management Board

Meeting 8 July 2008
Agenda item 3: PMB Roles and Responsibilities
Agenda item 4a: Background to project, Case for Support
Agenda item 4c: Data Collection

Meeting 7 January 2009
Minutes of 8 July Meeting
Agenda item 3: progress report
Agenda item 4 b): focus group themes

Meeting 25 August 2009
Minutes of 7 January 2009 meeting
Draft final report
Dissemination activities report