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Linked Open Bibliographic Data


A team from DIS has been awarded an Elearning Development Grant (ELDG) from UCL ELE (E-Learning Environments) to develop a linked open data bibliographic dataset based on BIBFRAME, the new standard for bibliographic records. Being based on RDF - the standard metadata language for the Web - BIBFRAME enables semantically interlinking bibliographic datasets on the Web, and improves the interaction with web users by enabling them to access, retrieve and update bibliographic records online. The aim of this project is to develop a BIBFRAME dataset as an Open Educational Resource, which will help students learn the new standard in an interactive way, and in the same time become familiar with state-of-the art web technologies. An important aspect of the project is working with students from the MA LIS programme to develop and evaluate the resource.


Antonis Bikakis (Project Lead), Anne Welsh (Project Coordinator), Simon MahonyCharlie Inskip, Natalia Garea Garcia (Student Systems Developer), George Bray (Student Content Editor), Sophie Drummond (Student Content Editor)

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