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Decoding Digital Humanities London reading group

A group of UCL students is excited to announce the re-launch of Decoding Digital Humanities London (DDHL), a bi-weekly reading group for anyone interested in research at the intersection of computational technologies and the humanities. These gatherings will provide an opportunity to discuss readings, raise awareness of topics at the forefront of research, and spark new questions.

DDHL aims to be place for connection for the digital humanities post-graduate community, but welcomes participation from anyone who is interested. As part of an effort to make sessions more accessible, 3 sessions will meet virtually (via Zoom), while the other 3 will be in-person at UCL's Bloomsbury Campus in London. Snacks will be provided for the in-person sessions.

All sessions are 6:30-7:30pm London time. Register and get links to the articles for discussion here.

Session Topics

Wednesday, 2.3.22 - ONLINE DDHL reading group 'Playing in the Metaverse: Video Games and the Humanities'

Wednesday, 16.3.22 - IN-PERSON DDHL reading group 'Racism in AI: Algorithmic Reasoning in Educational Technologies'

Wednesday, 30.3.22 - ONLINE DDHL reading group 'Digital Queer Witnessing: Archives, Immersion and 3D Technologies'

Wednesday, 27.4.22 - IN-PERSON DDHL reading group 'Glitch Feminism: Error as Artmaking'