Information Studies


Archives and Records Management Research Network (ARMReN)


The ARMReN project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for two years (2006-2007).

Project summary
This Network seeks to help develop research in the discipline of archives and records management. It will link academics in the discipline of archives and records management, other researchers who use archives and records and the professionals who manage records. It will collect and disseminate information about research projects in the theory and practice of the management, preservation and accessibility of records, foster the development of young academic researchers in the discipline, act as a central point for the exchange of ideas and encourage new collaborative partnerships, not only within the UK but in Europe and the wider world.

Aims and objectives in more detail.

ARMReN Activities
Three research workshops in 2007.
Three Archives and History seminars at the Institute of Historical Research.
Web based Research Information Resource for the discipline of archives and records management.
Dissemination of research outputs

The research network is based at UCL DIS within the research centre, ICARUS, for two years (2006-2007).


ARMReN is run by the Principal Investigator, Dr Elizabeth Shepherd, together with Co-investigators, Miss Elizabeth Danbury (UCL) and Ms Jaqueline Spence (University of Wales, Aberystwyth).

Management Board
The Management Board draws on a range of experts from the archives and records management community and related areas.

Associated activities include:
21st Century Digital Curation Lecture series, 'Working with digital assets', at UCL, April-May 2007.
Speakers include Lynne Brindley (BL), Jens Redmer (Google) and Mike Buschman (Microsoft), Paul Kellam (UCL) and Fiona Reddington (NCRI Informatics Initiative), Lorraine Estelle (JISC) and Anthony Watkinson (UCL).

21st Century Digital Curation: access and service delivery lecture series at UCL, April-May 2006.