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Andy Dawson's Leisure Interests Page

As you can see my main interests outside working life revolve around
chocolate and music, with a few other things thrown in for diversity.
Feel free to share in these delights below with me... All are worthy of
your support! :-) First let's get some energy up with some,


Then we could move on to my other consuming passion,


  • I play bass in a couple of bands:
  • Most recently I've joined Dee Chanelle and the Inlaws - who describe themselves as "Not your average family band!" Pop/ Soul/ Dance/Funk and Latin band with original material and covers from a various musical genres and slapstick humour. The ultimate in all around entertainment! :)
  • The Paramount Blues Band (the clue is in the title :) )
  • And previously Decentric, an indie band playing mostly original material.
  • If you want to know more about Bass try the Basschat Forum, the "Home of deep discussion" :)
  • Or get some advice and tuition from my old tutor and bass guru Phil Mann's secret Bassist Community

But I do have a large range of other subsidiary interests too, so try these other


  • As a born-again biker :-) I'd encourage you all to sample the joys of the open road.. and The Biker Guide will let you find anything from a new bike and kit through training to clubs (and even pubs - but no drink driving please!)
  • Gather (or contribute!) information on a vast number of movies and stars with the
    Movie Database.
  • Investigate the world of American Football scene (via the BBC Sport page)
  • Try some Strategy games (via Alan Poulter's excellent page) and see if you qualify as a "grognard"...
  • or just tickle your ribs (whatever) with my favourite quotes of the moment.

Of course, if you have any new sources for any of the above, please let me know: All contributions (especially chocolate) gleefully accepted! :-)