Information Studies


Aims and Objectives

ARMReN Aims and Objectives

To establish an enduring network to foster research in the academic discipline of archives and records management.
To develop interaction between researchers in arts, humanities, social sciences and law, as well as between administrators and information professionals in business, industry, local and national government, in order to advance understanding of recorded evidence in its relationship to transparency and accountability, evidential value, citizens' rights and life-long education, and theory and practice in archives and records management.

To improve the dissemination of archives and records management research among communities which will directly benefit, including researchers in other academic disciplines and information and cultural heritage professionals, together with the organisations and institutions which create and preserve records and archives.
To enhance the provision of archives and records services to user communities in the public and private sectors.
To foster the development of younger academic researchers in the discipline and to encourage the development of collaborative partnerships, both within the UK and internationally.

Further details are given in the ARMReN project outline.
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