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How UCL supports impact

As one of the world's leading multi-disciplinary universities our central location offers close interaction with Bloomsbury's cultural and intellectual vibrancy, Westminster and Whitehall, the City and our world-class hospital partners.

We support dissemination, engagement and impact.

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Publication, dissemination and promotion

UCL Library Services help authors make their work open access. Where copyright permissions allow, researchers make their work fully available online, on UCL Discovery. UCL Press publishes high-quality research and textbooks, and makes them freely available online through UCL Discovery (watch video).

UCL Communications and Marketing helps researchers connect with journalists and the public. It promotes UCL research, develops and delivers media strategies, and provides advice on how to reach and work with the media (see video).

Translating research

The Translational Research Office provides support and expertise to investigators wishing to translate their emerging research into therapies, techniques and medical products.

UCL Innovation & Enterprise supports staff to engage with business for commercial and societal benefit (see video). It includes teams developing business and enterprise partnerships, supporting entrepreneurship and managing knowledge exchange funding. UCL Business commercialises research and UCL Consultants facilitates academic consultancy.

Reaching the public and policymakers

UCL Public and Cultural Engagement engages diverse audiences with research. UCL Museums and Collections helps researchers develop exhibitions and events, and the Bloomsbury Theatre provides performance spaces for staff and students. The Public Engagement Unit helps staff arrange events and workshops to engage with diverse publics through training, funding and evaluation support (see video).

UCL Public Policy helps researchers and policymakers engage and interact on key policy questions, arranges placements for researchers in government and helps researchers translate their work into policy-focused output (watch video).

Working across disciplines

UCL Grand Challenges seeks to find solutions to complex problems through collaboration across disciplines.

UCL Research Domains foster collaboration through cross-disciplinary researcher communities and interaction with external stakeholders.

UCL supports numerous cross-disciplinary institutes such as UCL Urban Laboratory, The Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, The UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, The Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences to name just a few.

Fostering excellent research

The UCL School Research Facilitators help academics access support for excellent research. Contact your Research Facillitator.

Research Impact Curation and Support

The UCL Research Impact Curation & Support team monitors and supports impacts emerging from research at UCL.