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The UCL Institute for Human Rights treats the task of continuing to research and develop the ideal of human rights as ongoing.  The institute was established to bring the university's multidisciplinary expertise (eg in law, the humanities, social sciences and medical sciences) to bear on human rights.  The institute will play a prominent role as facilitator to bring together stakeholders and researchers and to develop new working partnerships in the advancement of human rights.

Our research aims are:

  • to advance and disseminate knowledge regarding issues of moral justification, legal interpretation and practical implementation of human rights both domestic and international
  • to develop models of accountability for different types human rights, equality and social justice claims
  • to provide innovative, workable solutions to domestic and international human-rights problems by bringing together UCL's immense multidisciplinary wealth of intellectual capital, international collaborations and commitment to advancements in human rights
  • to equip students studying human rights with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to the human-rights movement, be it through civil society, government institution or legal practice


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The UCL Institute for Human Rights (IHR) coordinates research undertaken in the field of human rights across UCL.

UCL Grand Challenges

UCL Grand Challenges

UCL Grand Challenges is a major initiative using UCL's vast collective expertise to resolve complex and systematic global problems. The UCL Institute for Human Rights is part of this initiative and it's strategic aims which address excellence, cross-disciplinarity and impact.

European Human Rights Research Network

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The European Human Rights Research Network is a consortium of academic organisations (Institutes and Centres) that promote and conduct research in all areas pertaining to Human Rights.

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