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Module List

List of HJS modules running this academic year with introduction videos below.

2021/2022 Module List

Please note this list is subject to change.
TermModule CodeCredit ValueAffiliate CodeAffiliate Credit ValueModule TitleFHEQ LevelTutor
 HEBR000230HEBR000315Introduction to Biblical Hebrew4, 7A Damsma
 HEBR000430HEBR000515Modern Hebrew for Beginners4, 7S Sharpe
2HEBR000615  Religion, State and Society in Modern European History4F Guesnet
1HEBR000715  Sources, Methods, Skills4M Berkowitz
 HEBR001030  Final Year Dissertation6 
2HEBR001215  Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History (1000 - 1800 CE)M Berkowitz
2HEBR001715  Introduction to Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism5T Loewenthal
 HEBR001830HEBR001915Intermediate Biblical Hebrew5A Damsma
 1HEBR0022   Moses Maimonides in Jewish Thought and History6, 7T Loewenthal
 HEBR002330HEBR002415Modern Hebrew (Lower Intermediate)5, 7S Sharpe
 HEBR002530HEBR002615Modern Hebrew (Higher Intermediate)6, 7T Novis
 HEBR002730HEBR002815Advanced Modern Hebrew6, 7T Novis
1HEBR003215  Biblical Aramaic6, 7M Geller
 HEBR003830HEBR0036 Syriac6, 7G Greenburg
 HEBR004130HEBR004215Elementary Yiddish4, 7S Beeri
 HEBR004330HEBR004415Intermediate Yiddish5, 7S Gollance
 HEBR004530HEBR004615History of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture6, 7S Gollance
 HEBR004830HEBR004915Ugaritic (subject to enrolment)**6, 7L Kahn
 HEBR005030HEBR005115European Jewry and the Holocaust6, 7M Berkowitz
 HEBR005630HEBR005715History of the Jews in Poland6, 7F Guesnet
 HEBR006230HEBR006315Judaism and the Origins of Christianity6, 7S Stern
1HEBR006515  Anglo-Israeli Relations6, 7N Lochery
2HEBR006915  US-Israeli Relations from 1948 to the Present Day6, 7 N Lochery
 HEBR007330HEBR005815Arab-Israeli Conflict6, 7N Lochery
 HEBR007830  MA Jewish Studies Core CourseF Guesnet
2TBC15  Jewish Literary Aramaic6, 7W Smelik
 HEBR0083   Introductory Akkadian4, 7M Geller
 HEBR009730  Upper Intermediate Yiddish (subject to enrolment)6, 7S Muir
 HEBR0099   Advanced Biblical Hebrew (subject to enrolment)**6, 7 L Kahn
1HEBR010015  History of the Hebrew Language6, 7 L Kahn
2HEBR010215  Israel and Palestine6, 7S Anziska
1HEBR010515  Introduction to Jewish History and Literature, 1st to 11th c. CEW Smelik
2HEBR010715  Ancient Near Eastern Science6, 7M Geller
 HIST084230  The Holocaust: New Historical Approaches S Gilbert
 HIST012830HIST016315History of the Modern Middle East5S Anziska

*Framework for Higher Education Qualifications

  • First year: Level 4 or 5
  • Second Year: Level 5 or 6
  • Finalist: Level 6 (level 5 with approval)
  • Postgraduate: Level 7

** Advanced Biblical Hebrew or Ugaritic will be running 2021/2022. Please get in touch with queries.

Module Introductions

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