Health Psychology

Susan Michie Current Grants


2009-2011 Doherty, M., Zhang, W., Michie, S., Underwood, M., Dieppe, P. Delivery of high quality of gout care: a randomized controlled trial. Phase 1: preparatory work and proof of concept. Arthritis Research Campaign.

2009-2010 Michie, S., Potts H. Public responses to swine flu communications: a longitudinal analysis. NIHR Programme.

2009-2012 Michie, S., West, R. (joint PIs), Yardley, L., McEwen, A., Stapleton, J., Wills, G. The development and evaluation of an internet-based smoking cessation intervention (ISCI) Medical Research Council.

2009-2012 Michie, S., West, R., McEwen, A. (joint PIs) NHS Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training. Department of Health.

2009-2010 Read, J., Michie, S., Yardley, L., Crowcroft, J., Smith, R., Edmunds, J. Understanding behavioural responses to infectious disease outbreaks. Economic and Social Research Council.

2009-2014 Gruen, RL (PI). Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in the care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury, Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative, Australia.

2009-2011 Edwards, P., Felix, L., Ferguson, E., Free, C., Lock, K., Michie, S., Miners, A., Murray, E. (PI) Adaptive e-learning to improve dietary behaviour: systematic review. NIHR Health Technology Appraisal Programme.

2009-2011 Gilbody, S., Lester, H., Michie, S., Torgerson, D., Godfrey, C., Hewitt, C., Bradshaw, T., Larsen, J., Richards, D., Watt, I. Smoking cessation for people with severe mental illness: a pilot study and definitive randomized evaluation of a bespoke service. NIHR Health Technology Appraisal Programme.

2008-2010 Campbell, R., Metcalfe, C., Noble, S., Moore, L., Butler, C., Michie, S., Endericks, T. Cluster randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of an educational intervention to promote hand washing in reducing absenteeism in primary schools. Research for Patient Benefit.

2008-2011 Yardley, L., De Roure, D., Michie, S. & Wills, G.  Development and e val uation of a Behavioural Intervention Grid (BI-Grid).  Economic and Social Research Council.

2008-2010 French, DP., Dale, S., Michie, S., Szczepura, A., Griffiths, F., Stallard, N. The development of an intervention to promote walking in primary care. Medical Research Council. £315,584. (G0701821)

2008-2010 Stone, S., Cookson, B., Michie, S., et al. The I-STRAT trial: Do Isolation Strategies reduce endemic levels of MRSA (meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and CDAD (Clostridium difficile associated diarrhoea)? Medical Research Council.

2008-2009 Michie, S., Rumsey, N. Evaluation of the Health Trainer schemes in England. Department of Health.

2007-2011 Michie, S., Fonagy, P., Roth, A. and Pilling, S. Continued funding of the CORE Psychological Processes and Clinical Effectiveness Programme Grant. British Psychological Society.

2007-2012 Clarkson, J., Black, I., Bonetti, D., Eccles, M., Eldridge, S., Francis, J., Grimshaw, J., Haig, A., Johnston , M., McKeen, L. Mackenzie, G., Michie, S., et al. Implementation of National Dentistry Guidance: Outcomes Study. Chief Dental Office, Scotland.

2007-2010 Michie, S. and Cameron, R. Changing behaviour: towards best practice in the development of complex interventions. Medical Research Council.