Health Psychology

Susan Michie Appointments and Affiliations


Current responsibilities


Associate Editor, Annals of Behavioral Medicine

Associate Editor, British Journal of Health Psychology

Editorial Board, Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being

Editorial Board, Implementation Science

Department of Health

Co-Director, NHS Centre for Smoking Cessation Training

Member, UK Scientific Advisory Group in Emergencies

Member, UK Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Group

Chair, SPI Behaviour & Communications Group

NHS LifeCheck Board

NHS Health Trainer National Evaluation Group

National Institute of Clinical and Health Excellence

Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee

Implementation Strategy Group

NHS National Institute of Health Research

NIHR Health Services Research Board

NIHR Programme Grants Board


Selected past responsibilities

President, European Health Psychology Society

Chair, International Scientific Programme Committee, EHPS

Chair, Division of Health Psychology of the British Psychological Society

Chair, Training Committee of BPS Division of Health Psychology

Chair, Department of Health National Evaluation Steering Group, NHS LifeCheck Programme

Member, MRC Health Services Research Collaboration

MRC College of Experts, Health Services and Public Health Research Board

Member, MRC Health Services and Health of the Public Research Training Referee Team

NHS Executive, London: R & D Organisation and Management Research Committee.

Member, High Level Clinical Effectiveness Research Agenda Group

Editorial Board, Psychology and Health

CRUK Quinquennial review team


Expert advisor/reviewer

UK Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Group, 2008-current

Research meeting on Influenza Development and Research Priorities, European Union Health Directorate and the European Centre for Disease Control, Brussels 2009

Training in Prevention Programme, NHS Islington, 2009

Quinquennial Review of Research Programme, Cancer Research UK, 2009

Netherlands Prevention Risk Communication Programme, international expert advisor, 2008-2009

Strategic Review Group for Prevention Research, Diabetes UK, 2008

Working group, Health Weight for London 's children, developing our local workforce. London Teaching Public Health Network, 2008

Expert panel, Department of Health/ Action on Smoking & Health, 2008

Osteoarthritis Clinical Studies Working Group, Arthritis Research Campaign, 2008

Strategic Review Group for Behavioural Research, Cancer Research UK, 2008

Member of King's Fund Health Summit: The Patient of the Future, 2008

European technical workshop ("Flumodcont"): Survey methods for population behaviour during seasonal and pandemic influenza, Rome 2008

Advisory Group on Pandemic Influenza Research Prioritisation, Department of Health, 2008

High Level Clinical Effectiveness Research Agenda Group, to advise Professor Sir John Tooke, Department of Health, 2007-2008

Member, Expert Review Group, "Healthy Living" Social Marketing Programme, Department of Health, 2007-8

MRC Health Services Research Collaboration: review of the MOBILE research programme, 2007

Wrote the BPS response to NICE's Consultation on the Behaviour Change Programme guidance, 2007

Department of Transport, Developing Effective Road Safety Interventions for Speeding Motorists, 2006

British Psychological Society Public Health Specialist Working Party, 2005

Contribut ed to public health white paper, Choosing Health, and to the second Wanless review of the NHS

MRC Implementation Group, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen, 2004

BPS Division of Health Psychology, strategy meetings, 2001-2004 Before 2001

Part of National Taskforce on the Health of the NHS Workforce and commissioned to write report, "Involving Staff in the NHS", circulated to all Trust Chief Executives and Directors of Human Resources

Invited expert to national strategy meeting, "Raising Health", convened by Dept of Health and the Faculty of Public Health

Commission for Health Improvement Staff Surveys Stakeholder Group

Commission for Health Improvement Working Group on NHS Performance Assessment, commissioned to develop basis of national measure of NHS staff performance and well-being, currently implemented across England and Wales as NHS staff survey

Commissioning Panel for the NHS R&D Evaluation of the London Patient Choice Project

Contributor to the Dept Health/MRC Review of Research on Diabetes

Assessor for Dept Health Expert Patients Programme evaluation

RCP/RCPsych Working Party on the Psychological Care of Medical Patients, representing the British Psychological Society

Commissioned to identify research issues in The NHS Plan for the NHS Executive, London: R & D Organisation and Management Group

The Nuffield Trust: Steering Group, Genetics Scenario Project

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine: Advisory group for "Measures of Effectiveness of Clinical Genetics"

The Partnership for the Health of the NHS Workforce, convened by the NHS Executive

Wellcome Centre for Medical Science: Steering group of theatre project, "Dramatic genetics"

MRC: Community Genetics Workshop Planning Group

Wellcome Centre for Medical Science: expert advisor


Expert reviews/consultancies

Department of Food, the Environment and Rural Affairs: Unlocking Habits To Enable Pro-Environmental Behaviours: expert workshop

Department of Health: Consultancy representing BPS Division of Health Psychology, including development of NHS Life Check development of NHS Health Trainers

Department of Health: Academic Advisory Board

Department of Health National Social Marketing Centre: Review and empirical project "Factors influencing uptake of childhood immunisation"

Tobacco Research Group, CRUK: GP survey of smokers attitudes towards brief smoking cessation advice

King's Fund: systematic review of behavioural interventions

Chief Scientists Office, Scotland: Translation Research in a Dental Setting

National Institute of Clinical Studies, Melbourne, Australia: Visiting expert

Health and Safety Executive: Expert review of "Review of existing supporting scientific knowledge to underpin standards of good practice for key work-related stressors"

Department of Health: Development of the NHS Health Trainers Behaviour Change Handbook

Patient Safety Research Programme: advisor to evaluation of CleanYourHands campaign

NHS Service Delivery and Organisation National R & D Programme: advisor to cancer networks study

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust: Supervision of evaluation on internal consultancy

Department of Transport: Expert review of "Developing Effective Road Safety Interventions for Speeding Motorists"

Department of Health: Advice on implementation of Public Health White Paper

Department of Health: Two reviews of evidence of (a) psychological techniques and models of behaviour change interventions (b) self-management interventions in well populations

Mind Tools Corporation: To review internet-based Stress Management Course

Camden PCT: To advise on setting up and evaluating three new services: a smoking cessation service, an Expert Patients Programme and a community based public health service

Commission for Health Improvement: To write brief for, and oversee the development of the first national NHS staff survey


Boards of examiners

University of West of England, Stage 2 in Health Psychology, 2006-current

UCL, Specialist Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 1995-current

University of Sussex, MSc in Health Psychology, 2003-2007

National University of Ireland, MPsych Sc in Health Psychology, 2004-2006

University of York, BSc in Health Sciences, 2002-2006

University of Westminster, MSc in Health Psychology, 1999-2003

University of Bath, MSc in Health Psychology, accreditation visit, 1999

University of the West of England, MSc in Health Psychology, accreditation, 2000

British Psychological Society, Qualification in Health Psychology (Stage 1), 2003