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It is through the generosity and support of our partners that we are able to train the next generation of leaders in foundational AI.

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By working closely with our partners, we are able to understand their requirements and formulate student projects which match those needs. See below for further information on our current partners.

There are many ways for partner organisations can get involved, from project creation and sponsoring studentships, to training and in-kind contributions.

How can our partners contribute?

Industry partners can get involved in the CDT in a variety of ways:
Research projects
-    Funding of studentships
-    Co‐supervision of students and projects
Training and placements
-    Participate in or provide Events (e.g. Dragon’s Den, Hackathons, Poster competitions) and brainstorming session.
-    Provide student placements and internships
-    Provide training and workshops
-    Hosting careers events
Provision of technology and expertise
-    Access to relevant data
-    Hardware, software and support
-    Site visits
-    Guest lectures and teaching support
-    Product testing
-    Sponsorship of our events or activities
-    Hosting conferences
Advisory Board
-    Participation in our annual review, providing strategic advice for the centre.

Benefits for partners

The benefits of involvement in a Foundational AI PhD project include:
1.    Tackle a commercially relevant problem to your organisation. The projects are co-created with you and outputs will be in your interest.
2.    Cost effective way to be involved and benefit from leading research in foundational AI where you may not have the recourses or expertise to tackle a research project alone;
3.    The opportunity to develop a project with a UCL PhD student with an excellent academic record and motivation to help solve a significant research problem;
4.    Have the opportunity to help in the admissions process to recruit the right student;
5.    Benefit from UCL’s expertise, including access to expert academic supervisors and access to world-class facilities.

How much will it cost to fund a studentship?

The costs of a sponsoring a studentship depends on the nature, size and type of the sponsoring organisation. To discuss the pricing model, please contact the CDT Manager, Sharon Betts 

Current partnerships

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