Evidence Based Practice Unit



EBPU’s research includes evaluating real-world interventions, undertaking epidemiological studies, systematic reviews and data linkage.

The research focuses on four areas related to children’s mental health and wellbeing:


Risk involves understanding the range of contexts and conditions that put a child or young person at elevated risk for mental health problems or poor outcomes in the context of experiencing mental health issues. For example, EBPU’s research into the development of measures of cumulative risk in children and young people.


Resilience explores what it is that enables some children to cope better than others in difficult circumstances. The HeadStart programme focuses on resilience.


Change examines what influences change in children’s mental health and wellbeing over time. For example, our work on data from the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) considers change over the course of therapy.


Choice contributes to the evidence base on shared decision-making, using learning from service users’ experience, and develops tools and materials to support choice, such as Power Up.

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