Performance Lab: We The Young Strong

Bloomsbury Theatre
24th Oct 2019
Tickets: £5

Sepia image of people marching and banging drums

After years of austerity, the British Union of Fascists are successfully recruiting disaffected youth in the East End to channel their anger into the ‘Blackshirts’. Loyalty to the movement must be absolute; the future belongs to those who will fight for what they want. But what if this means fighting each other?

We The Young Strong is a bold new drama tackling far-right radicalisation, by writer Nicola Baldwin and director Cat Robey, presented by UCL Urban Laboratory and UCL Performance Lab at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Followed by a panel discussion with Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty and Prof. Julie Gottlieb from the University of Sheffield on the themes raised in the play, from economic and political marginalisation, and the impact of austerity on youth groups and public spaces, to extremist radicalisation, street violence and fake news.

Running time 80 minutes without an interval.

This event is part of UCL Performance Lab, an experimental programme of art and cutting-edge research, and Bartlett 100, a year-long celebration to mark 100 years since the naming of UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment.

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