My Land's Shore

Bloomsbury Theatre
17th Feb 2022  -  19th Feb 2022
Bloomsbury Theatre

MT Soc

UCL Musical Theatre society presents My Land’s Shore. 
Set in Merthyr, 1831, My Land’s Shore is the sound of an uprising, heard throughout the valley. A tale of conflict, social injustice, guilt, love and heartbreak emerges with the first martyr of the Welsh working class.

“A butterfly with broken wings, a song-bird that will never sing”

My Land's Shore is a new musical about the story of Dic Penderyn, a Welsh miner, and his desire for justice, as he challenges the increased poverty and threats of starvation that plague both his community and family. Although at first a reluctant participant, after suffering many years of hard labour and a horrifying discovery, he decides to join the cause with vision, heart and courage.

“This is my country’s hour, today the dragon fights”

The first time that the red flag of rebellion was to be so used in Britain. With a fight to love and struggles for power, this epic score tells the story at the very heart of Wales.

Just how far would you go to protect the ones you love? What would you risk for the chance of a better life? Would you try to take down not just one enemy, but an entire institution?

With Music & Lyrics by Christopher J Orton and Book & Lyrics by Robert Gould.

Check out some of the recorded songs on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4fDXjlnMZwMXudRWPZJgKo?si=s_piqwV8RH24cIZ...

The approximate running time is: 2h 30min, including the 20min interval

Recommended for ages 13+

Tigger warnings: Strong language, violence, strobe lights, themes of war and rebellion, sexual abuse & death (including child death).

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