Virtual Private View: Extraordinary Stories from the Petrie Museum

Virtual event
Virtual event with the Knowledge Quarter
9th Dec 2020
15:00  - 16:00

Petrie Museum Entrance gallery illustrations

This Virtual Private View, brought to you by the Petrie Museum and the Knowledge Quarter, will launch the Museum’s brand new Entrance Gallery and tell the story of the cast of characters who were influential in creating the museum including:

  • Amelia Edwards, Victorian writer and journalist who donated her collections and library along with funding to establish the first Chair in Egyptology in the UK, choosing UCL because it was the only university at the time to offer degrees to women.
  • Ali Suefi, the head-overseer of many teams of Egyptian ‘Quftis’ working to excavate Egyptian archaeological sites for Western researchers.
  • Violette LaFleur, UCL conservation student and volunteer, who almost single-handedly saved the collection from the World War Two bombs that destroyed her own home.
  • And of course, William Matthew Flinders Petrie; pioneer archaeologist and ‘father of pots’, with a complex legacy of eugenics research.

Join the Curator, Dr Anna Garnett, and Head of Collection, Catriona Wilson, in this behind-the-scenes look at the Museum and the untold stories behind its formation, as well an exclusive preview of the hidden love story behind a newly acquired Pre-Raphaelite pencil sketch on display for the first time.

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