UCL Classics play - Euripides' Electra

Bloomsbury Theatre
9th Feb 2022  -  11th Feb 2022
£10/£5 concessions

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Are we laughing or crying? Both? The epic curse on Electra and Orestes’ family runs for many generations, it is inescapable, yet we can’t help but notice how unheroic these two protagonists are. Euripides’ play takes us to the unglamorous suburbs of the city to find princess Electra married to a peasant and banished from her palace. Tackling themes of morality, revenge and forgiveness, Euripides brings down an epic myth into a domestic setting and so challenges the actions of the heroes and gods.

Workshops and talks accompanying the production:

9 February

3.00-5.00pm Workshop with Dr David Bullen (Royal Holloway, Director): ‘Performing Chorality’ Book here

6.00-7.00 pm Translating Euripides' Electra. In Conversation with Emily Wilson Book here

10 February

 4.30-5.30pm Workshop with Dr Michael Loy (Assistant Director, British School at Athens): ‘What Euripides' audience saw and what he wanted them to see’ Book here

6.00-7.00 pm Euripides' Electra. In Conversation with Rosa Andújar (King’s College London) Book here

11 February

6.00-7.00 pm Pre-show talk with Prof. Isabelle Torrance (Aarhus University), ‘The Place of Electra in the Oeuvre of Euripides, Then and Now’ Book here


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