Displays of Power: A Natural History of Empire

19th Sep 2019  -  21st Jun 2021
13:00  - 17:00
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About the exhibition

Once you’ve seen how Empire shaped the Grant Museum collection, you’ll never look at natural history museums in the same way again. 

When the practice of collecting animals for science was at its height, so was the British Empire. This free exhibition connects the specimens in the Grant Museum of Zoology to a wider history of science and Empire, by asking one simple question: “How did all these things come to be here in the first place?” 

Come and see how historical teaching and research at UCL fits into the bigger picture of the history of science and imperial collecting in Britain and beyond. What part did UCL play in the international trade of living and dead animals? And how do colonial ways of working and thinking continue to affect the natural world today? 

Exhibition made possible through a Headley Fellowship with Art Fund.

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Inspired by Displays of Power

Untitled (2019): A Poem by Yomi Sode was created in response to Displays of Power by Nigerian British writer Yomi Sode and directed by photographer and filmmaker Hydar Dewachi.

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