UCL Odyssey Festival

8th Feb 2021  -  12th Feb 2021
18:30  - 19:30
Virtual Events
8th - 12th February 2021

Classics virtual events

The 2021 UCL Greek and Latin is proud to present a week long virtual celebration of Homer’s Odyssey. Concentrating on the new and exciting translation by Emily Wilson, our students will perform extracts and readings of the text, offer their insights into how they envisioned the play being presented on stage and their personal thoughts and reflections on the text.

We shall also be offering a series of public talks every evening of the week 8 to 12 February 2021, which aim to illuminate the epic and its context as well as its reception through time.

All of our speakers have experience in working with schools, and the events will be suitable for students of Classics, Classical Studies, English and Drama at all levels, as well as accessible to those without prior experience of Ancient Greek literature.

All events are free but please do consider donating as all money raised will be used to fund future UCL Classics plays and work

Please use #UCLOdysseyFestival2021 on social media and follow the UCL Greek and Latin Department and the Bloomsbury Theatre to learn more about this and future events!

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Study material currently available inc

Please visit the Homer's Odyssey Study Guide section on our website to access Dr. Michael Loy’s, Dr. Antony Makrinos’s, and Prof. Gesine Manuwald’s essays on the epic. We have also published four short videos ranging from the reception of Odysseus in ancient philosophy to new epic retellings of Homer's epic in fiction.


Podcast – University Classical plays: UCL Classics students Lewis Bentley, Elena Bashkova and Zoe Morris discuss with Oxford University students performing the Classics. http://www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/digital-resources/podcast/episode-8?fbclid=IwA...

We will be offering the following free ticketed digital events:

Monday 8th February

6.30-7.30pm (GMT) – Prof. Emily Wilson (University of Pennsylvania) – Translating The Odyssey.

This is a live digital event with the opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Prof. Emily Wilson's book is available to buy via https://wwnorton.com/books/9780393089059

Tuesday 9th February

6.30-7.30pm (GMT) – Dr. Antony Makrinos (University College London) – Visualising Odysseus and his journey: cinematic approaches to the Odyssey

"We are all Trojans...": Homer's poetic legacy, BBC History Magazine, May 2016

This is a live digital event with the opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Find out more about the summer school of Homer at UCL 2021 https://www.ucl.ac.uk/classics/outreach/summer-schools/summer-school-hom...

Wednesday 10th February

6.30-7.30pm (GMT) - Dr. Michael Loy (British School at Athens) – Home is where the hearth is. Odysseus and Mycenae

This is a live digital event with the opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Further reading includes Loy, M. and Harlan, D. 2020. ‘Branding Mycenae: Now and Then Images from Social Media to the BSA SPHS Archive’, Archive Stories, British School at Athens. https://www.bsa.ac.uk/2020/05/27/branding-mycenae/

Thursday 11th February

6.30-7.30pm (GMT) Prof. Barbara Graziosi (Princeton) – Dead Men Talking.

This is a live digital event with the opportunity for Q&A at the end

Further reading includes Homer (2016) for OUP. https://global.oup.com/academic/product/homer-9780198788300?cc=gb&lang=en&

‘Inventing Homer. The Early Reception of Epic’: (2002) https://www.cambridge.org/gb/academic/subjects/classical-studies/classic...

Friday 12th February

6.30-7.30pm (GMT) Prof. Fiona Macintosh (Oxford) and Dr. Justine McConnell (King’s College London) – Performing the Epic Now

Further reading ‘Performing the epic now’ (2020) https://global.oup.com/academic/product/performing-epic-or-telling-tales...

For any queries, email Dr. Giovanna Di Martino at g.martino@ucl.ac.uk.

Image credit Sarah K March - SKM Art (wixsite.com) Instagram @s.march.art


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