What is Public Engagement at UCL?

UCL was founded on a vision to open education and knowledge to the world. Back in 1826, this was radical and revolutionary thinking.

It still is today.

The UCL Public Engagement Unit exists to champion this founding principle. Public engagement means many things to many people but at its core is the idea of two way dialogue connecting higher education research and teaching with the world outside. We are here to help UCL staff and students listen to and engage with communities.

Three things make UCL’s take on public engagement distinctive:
• We focus on collaboration.
• We open the conversation to all, particularly those whose voices are heard less often.
• We encourage a spirit of experimentation, learning and sharing

Why should you get on board?

Public engagement allows you to develop new skills. It can offer variety and challenge to revitalise your interest in your research and teaching. It will enable you to explore new perspectives and find new angles to your work. It can help you secure your research funding; all major funders are taking public engagement increasingly seriously. Finally public engagement is a core part of UCL’s promotion criteria.

How can we help you on your journey?

UCL has one of the most established and largest Public Engagement teams in the country. We choose to frame public engagement as a journey, whether it is undertaken by individuals, groups, departments or institutions.

Public engagement at UCL is not a journey you take on your own. Whether you are a student, early career researcher, senior academic or professional services staff member, we can help you build a public engagement journey that works for you. We work with individuals, teams and departments to build capacity for institutional change. We support the multiple individual journeys that combine to create the momentum for change.

Find out more about how we can help you. Read our Public Engagement Flyer which contains a range of opportunities including training, networking events and advice drop-ins.

Read our Public Engagement Strategy 2017 in full.

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