The Public Engagement Unit works with individuals, teams and departments to build capacity for institutional change.

Our training is designed to assist staff and students whatever the stage of their public engagement journey. Whether you’re just starting out and need support finding your voice to communicate your research to others outside the university, or whether you’re ready to develop a dialogue, make collaborative decisions and work with external groups

The training we currently offer is detailed here. Our training for postgraduate students is delivered through the UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme.

Find Your Voice

This session is for postgraduate students at the start of their engagement journey, or those who want help to develop the ability and confidence to communicate their research to public groups. This will include practical tips for speaking and the benefits, aims and evaluation of these activities. The session has a particular focus on audience identification and the use of these skills for a variety of contexts.

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Train and Engage

Train and Engage is for postgraduate research students. It provides the opportunity to attend public engagement training and then apply for grants of up to £1,000. These interactive and challenging sessions are provided by UCL Public Engagement Unit and feature group and individual work as well as the chance to develop your own ideas for public engagement in your research.

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Public Engagement: Skills and Practice

This day long event is for UCL research staff who want to embed public engagement into their work. Research staff will explore how public engagement could fit into their own work, hear from people who have done innovative engagement activities, and practice key skills that will help with their own engagement.

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Commissioned training

We can also run any of our existing training sessions outlined above for groups of UCL staff and students on request. We would normally ask for three months’ notice for this kind of request and will do our very best to meet demand whenever we have capacity as a team.

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