Understanding Neuromarketing

Spend a day with brain researchers learning how advances in neuroscience are being applied to the study of consumer decision making. UCL offers certification and team training options designed for advertising executives, marketing consultants, and anyone else wanting to understand the very latest developments in consumer neuroscience. Contact Us

Explore the Potential

Examine the unique capabilites and important limitations of the latest consumer neuroscience methods. UCL researchers will separate the facts from the hype and provide practical training on the latest techniques including expert analysis of the technology, resource, and cost requirements of conducting effective research.

Work with Experts

Learn from practicing neuroscientists and start building a working relationship with UCL research and corporate consulting services.
Dr. Joseph Devlin
Joseph Devlin Neuroscientist
Joe started in artificial intelligence but found himself much more interested in how the human mind works. After training in neuroimaging at Cambridge and Oxford, he established a reputation as a leading researcher in how the human brain processes language before taking up his current position as Head of Experimental Psychology at UCL. Joe has collaborated on various projects with a variety of media partners, including the BBC, the Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph.
John Hogan
John Hogan Neuroscientist
As a neuroscientist at UCL, John investigates the early visual processes involved in reading. When not in the neuroimaging lab, John works on research projects with corporate clients aimed at improving our understanding of human judgement and decision making. With over 10 years of consultancy experience, John has provided research services for clients such as Virgin Media, Digitas LBi, Leo Burnett, and MacClaren McCann.

Dr. Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson Cognitive Psychologist
Daniel is a Reader in Experimental Psychology at University College London. His research examines how individuals' thought processes are related to the people around them. He is the author of Man versus Mind, and the Dummies Guide to Social Psychology, as well as many scientific articles in cognitive, developmental and social psychology. He received two Provost's Teaching Awards from UCL.


Hands-on Experience

Get up close to the technology and participate in a hands-on MRI demonstration. Set in a state-of-the art MRI suite, you will get to feel the magentic field for yourself and learn more about the practical considerations of neuroimaging as a volunteer has their brain scanned. UCL researchers will cover some brain basics and then provide a personalised tour of the volunteer's brain scan.

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2 Day Course
2 Day Certificate Course
This certificate course examines the latest neuromarket research and techniques and will provide you with the skills needed to critically evaluate the limitations and opportunity that consumer neuroscience holds for marketing and product development.
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Team Workshop
Bespoke Team Workshop
Designed for agencies, independent consulanties, and corporate clients that want a private team workshop (up to 15 people) that is tailored to their specific industry and research interests.

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