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The Liberal Democrats and the Coalition

Public Seminars 2010-11

Mark Pack (Co-Editor, Liberal Democrat Voice)

Date: Wednesday 26 January, 6.00pm
Venue: Council Room, The Constitution Unit

Mark Pack is the co-editor of the Liberal Democrat Voice, which is the most widely-read Liberal Democrat blog in the UK. He was previously head of Innovations for the Liberal Democrats where he ran the party's 2001 and 2005 internet general election campaigns. Mark also holds a PhD from the University of York and has appeared on many media outlets. In this seminar, Mark will discuss the Liberal Democrats experience with, and perspectives on, the coalition government. With the media regularly reporting on tensions between the coalition partners, Mark will offer his own take on the coalition from the perspective of the Liberal Democrats. In particular, he will focus on how the coalition came together and how it has since been managed by the leaders. 

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The Liberal Democrats and the Coalition - Mark Pack from Department of Political Science on Vimeo.

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