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UCL Autonomous Shipping Project Interviews Professor Erik Røsæg

5 July 2021

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In the first of a series of exciting interviews with experts in the fields of autonomous shipping and artificial intelligence, the UCL Autonomous Shipping Project has interviewed Professor Erik Røsæg of the University of Oslo. The interview can be accessed via the UCL Laws YouTube Channel or through the Project’s website.

Project Leader Dr Melis Özdel and Project Editor Olivia Tolson were honoured to speak to Professor Røsæg who has extensive experience in Maritime Law and recently co-edited the book Autonomous Ships and the Law (Routledge, 2020). This cutting-edge work explores autonomous shipping from a range of legal perspectives.

Following some introductory questions, the interview focuses on Professor Røsæg’s chapter from the book, ‘Diabolus ex machina’. His answers are thought-provoking and anyone interested in contributing to the debate is encouraged to leave a comment on the video or on the Project website.