Centre for Transnational History


MA Transnational Studies

The MA in Transnational Studies is taught by experts from across UCL and examines the
impact of transnational connections on our social, political, cultural
and economic life worlds.

With a focus on the movement of people, ideas and goods across national boundaries on a global scale, the programme is aimed at students with an academic background in humanities, social sciences, law or politics as well as professionals working in the
transnational sector (NGOs, international organisations, development etc).

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Transnational History Postgraduate Courses Offered at UCL (illustrative list):

MA courses
  • Unity before the Union: The Idea of Europe in the Modern Era
  • Nations, States and Empires in Transnational Perspective
  • Enlightenment Histories: History and Time in Eighteenth-Century Thought and Culture
  • History and Theory of European Integration
  • Crisis and Future in 19th-century European Thought
  • Controversies and Debates in First World War Studies
  • Continental Connections: Britain and Europe and the Eighteenth Century
  • Thinking Postcolonially: Britain and Empire in the Nineteenth Century
  • Political Thought in Renaissance Europe
  • Identity and Power in Medieval Europe AD 500-1300
  • The Medieval Papacy
  • Infamous Writings. Controversies & Receptions in the History of Political Thought in Early Modern Europe
  • The United States and Latin America
  • Nationalism and National Identity in 20th-century Latin America
  • History, myth and nation in south-eastern Europe
  • Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central and Eastern Europe from Stalin to the Present: All Quiet on the Eastern Front
  • Religion in South-East Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism
  • Politics, history and society of south-eastern Europe
  • The self and the world: Theoretical approaches to travel writing
  • Cities in eastern Europe
  • Introduction to Holocaust studies

Other Graduate Programmes:

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MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History

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Doctoral Research