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Re-imagining Italianità is involved in a range of research activities in the UK and abroad. Details of these activities can be found below.



The Leverhulme international network Re-imagining italianità: Opera and Musical Culture in Transnational Context will host a one-day informal workshop at UCL on 18 January, 2019. Network members will be joined by Prof Arnold Jacobshagen (University of Cologne) and Prof Susan Rutherford (University of Manchester), who along with Dr Francesca Vella (network member, University of Cambridge) will present papers. See workshop programme for more details.

Workshop Programme

Seminar Series, University of Cambridge

Dr Francesca Vella hosted several Sounding (Out) Italy seminars between 2018 and 2019. These interdisciplinary seminars explored Italian soundscapes and auditory cultures. See Seminar Series Schedule for details.

Sounding (Out) Italy Seminar Series Schedule

Public Talks

    Professor Axel Körner will be giving the Hugo-Riemann lecture on 'Oper als transnationale Erfahrung' via a live public lecture on 2 December 2020 at 6pm (Central European Time). More information and the link to join the session may be found here.

    He has given the following public talks :

    Graduate Reading Group, University of Cambridge

    Dr Francesca Vella has hosted a regular reading group for graduate students at St John's College, University of Cambridge. Readings are detailed below.

    Reading Group 1

    Reading Group 2
    • Sebastian Conrad, What is Global History? (Princeton University Press, 2016) [extracts]
    • Nicholas Cook, 'Western Music as World Music', in The Cambridge History of World Music, ed. Philip Bohlman (Cambridge University Press, 2013), 75-99
    • Martin Stokes, 'On Musical Cosmopolitanism', The Macalester International Roundtable (2017)
    • Dana Gooley, Ryan Minor, Katherine K. Present, and Jann Pasler, 'Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Nationalism, 1848-1914', Journal of the American Musicological Society, 66/2 (2013), 523-546
    • Wiliam Weber, 'Cosmopolitan National and Regional Identities in Eighteenth-Century Musical Life', in Oxford Handbook of the New Cultural History of Music, ed. J. Fulcher (Oxford University Press), 209-227
    • Goffredo Plastino and Joseph Sciorra, eds., Neapolitan Postcards: the Canzone Napoletana as Transnational Subject (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) [extracts]
    • Charlotte Bentley (graduate student, University of Cambridge), article drafts about opera in 19th-century New Orleans
    • Tamara Levitz, Eric Drott, Brigid Cohen, Victoria Eli Rodríguez, Ryan Dohoney, Emma Dillon, Matthew D. Morrison, 'Colloquy: Musicology Beyond Borders?', Journal of the American Musicological Soceity, 65/3 (2012), 821-61

    Related Events

    Related Events


    2nd Transnational Opera Studies Conference
    Bern 5-7 July 2017
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