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'Italian Opera in Transnational Context: Adaptation, Transcription, Mediation', Brown University (12 & 13 May, 2017)

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Read Opera in Transnational Context: Reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "Essay on the Origin of Languages"edited by Alexander Kolassa and Axel Körner, with essays by Ditlev Rindom (Cambridge), Isaac Kerr (Campinas, Brazil), Andrea Satori (Providence, RI), José Manuel Izquierdo (Santiago de Chile), Alessandra Jones (Berkeley, CA)

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As part of the Leverhulme-funded network on Italian opera from a transnational perspective, Brown University will be hosting a second conference with the title: "Italian Opera in a Transnational Context: Adaptation, Transcription, Mediation" on May 12 and 13, 2017.

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The topic invites participants to reflect on the use, translation and transposition of Italian opera into other media, settings and cultural contexts during the 19th century and after. The expectation is to host nine 30-minute papers, a concert-lecture, and a final roundtable. Graduate students from Brown and the other participating institutions will provide responses to the paper presentations.

The day before the conference, on May 11, the network will host a two-session workshop. In the morning, conference participants will discuss Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Letter to d'Alembert on the Theater and the Essay on the Origin of Language; in the afternoon, the group will discuss three pre-circulated papers by conference participants.




It was our honour to host a concert-lecture from Emanuele Ferrari as part of this conference. The lecture, 'Reshaping the Drama: Liszt, Rigoletto Paraphrase', can be viewed below above above a further taster of Emanuele Ferrari's concert-lecturing.

Emanuele Ferrari: Reshapping the Drama: Liszt, Rigoletto Paraphrase




See Emanuele Ferrari's Facebook page contains more details.

More videos can be found here too.