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The 'It's All Academic' Campaign will transform the student experience at UCL.

We’ll build a New Student Centre and enable the world’s best and brightest brains to study at UCL whatever their background, whatever their gender, whatever their class.

PhD Student Valentina Putrino with Maureen Amar, Richard Jenkins and Professor Dina D'Ayala at the UCL Scholarships and Bursaries Reception 2017
Case Study: Out of the Rubble 

UCL PhD student Valentina Putrino demonstrates the global impact of funding a UCL scholarship.

Alumni Volunteering
Around the world with UCL Alumni

Giving back to UCL itself is also satisfying, says Bob. “My years at UCL were very important to me. They shaped who I am, not just academically, but culturally too."

Alumni Volunteering
Making Your Contribution 

“As well as my academic achievement, UCL changed the direction of my life, it was such a positive experience,” says UCLFAA Chairman Mark Howard. 

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UCL alumni comprise one of the world’s most diverse and interesting groups of people; that’s why our alumni team are working hard to ensure when you leave your UCL network can come with you.