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What is the Bloomsbury Project?

The Leverhulme-funded UCL Bloomsbury Project was established to investigate 19th-century Bloomsbury’s development from swampy rubbish-dump to centre of intellectual life

Led by Professor Rosemary Ashton, with Dr Deborah Colville as Researcher, the Project has traced the origins, Bloomsbury locations, and reforming significance of hundreds of progressive and innovative institutions

Many of the extensive archival resources relating to these institutions have also been identified and examined by the Project, and Bloomsbury’s developing streets and squares have been mapped and described

This website is a gateway to the information gathered and edited by Project members during the Project’s lifetime, 1 October 2007–30 April 2011, with the co-operation of Bloomsbury’s institutions, societies, and local residents



Amos, Andrew
Amos, Sarah Maclardie
Amos, Sheldon
Augustus Frederick, Prince, 11th Duke of Sussex
Bagehot, Walter
Beesly, Edward Spencer
Bell, Charles
Bentham, Jeremy
Birkbeck, George
Brougham, Henry, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux
Brougham and Vaux, 1st Baron see Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux
Brownlow, Emma see King, Emma Brownlow
Brownlow, John
Bunting, Sarah Maclardie see Amos, Sarah Maclardie
Buss, Frances Mary
Cail family
Campbell, Thomas
Cardale, John Bate
Carpenter, William Benjamin
Carswell, Robert

Clough, Arthur Hugh
Coates, Thomas
Conolly, John
Cox, Francis Augustus
Cubitt, Thomas
Dale, Thomas
De Morgan, Augustus
Dermott, George Darby
Dickens, Charles
Dodd, Richard Jefferson
Donaldson, Thomas Leverton
Drummond, Henry
Dudley, 1st Earl of see Ward, John William, 4th Viscount Dudley and Ward, and 1st Earl of Dudley
Dudley and Ward, 4th Viscount see Ward, John William, 4th Viscount Dudley and Ward, and 1st Earl of Dudley
Edwards, John Passmore
Elliotson, John
Eve family
Forbes, Duncan
Furnivall, Frederick James
Gilchrist, John Borthwick
Goldsmid, Anna Maria
Goldsmid, Francis Henry
Goldsmid, Frederick David
Goldsmid, Isaac Lyon
Goldsmid, Julian
Goldsmid, Louisa Sophia
Grant, Robert Edmond
Gregory, Olinthus Gilbert
Heath, Christopher
Horner, Leonard
Howard, Bernard Edward, 12th Duke of Norfolk
Hume, Joseph
Hurwitz, Hyman
Hutton, Richard Holt
Irving, Edward

King, Emma Brownlow
Lansdowne, 3rd Marquess of see Petty-Fitzmaurice, Henry, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne
Lardner, Dionysius
Latreille family see Latrielle family
Latrielle family
Liston, Robert
Loch, Charles Stewart
Loch, James
Macaulay, Zachary
Malleson, Elizabeth
Maurice, Frederick Denison
Mill, James
Mocatta, Frederic David
Morison, James Augustus Cotter
Morley, Henry
Morris, William
Nasmith, David
Newman, Francis William
Noel, Baptist Wriothesley
Norfolk, 12th Duke of see Bernard Edward Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk
Panizzi, Anthony
Pattison, Granville Sharp
Petty-Fitzmaurice, Henry, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne
Pierotti family
Pinckard family
Place, Francis
Praed, Winthrop Mackworth
Reid, Elisabeth Jesser
Robinson, Henry Crabb

Roget, Peter Mark
Ronge, Johannes and Bertha
Rosen, Frederick
Rosen, Friedrich August see Frederick Rosen
Sass, (John) Henry see Henry Sass
Sass, Henry
Scott, Alexander John
Shaw, Benjamin
Simpson, James Gilliland
Smith, John Gordon
Smith, Payne, and Smith, bankers
Smith, Theophilus Ahijah
Southwood Smith, Thomas
Sturch, Elisabeth Jesser see Elisabeth Jesser Reid
Sussex, 11th Duke of see Augustus Frederick, Prince, 11th Duke of Sussex
Sylvester, James Joseph
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thomson, Anthony Todd
Tooke, William
Twining, Louisa
Warburton, Henry
Ward, John William, 4th Viscount Dudley and Ward, and 1st Earl of Dudley
Ward, Mary
Ware family
Whishaw, John
Whitehead, Elizabeth see Elizabeth Malleson
Williams, John
Wilson, Thomas

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