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A 2-year, EPSRC-funded project

The Environmental Control of House Dust Mites: Validation of a Combined Hygrothermal Population Model

Starting date: 1st of April 2004

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A network of researchers and end-users has been established in order to provide a forum for presenting our results and obtaining feedback, as well as creating research links and promoting discussion in this field area. The Network is mostly based on the participants of a successful workshop that was held in July 2002 at the end of the previous EPSRC-funded project. The workshop was attended by collaborators, key-figures from public health, industry (bedding and ventilation component manufacturers), and researchers from the UK and Europe. Participants indicated enthusiastic support for further research to follow up the many issues raised by the project findings. The Network will also expand in order to include a full range of beneficiaries.

Members of the International Network have access to a password-protected area of this website, where interim semiannual project reports are available, as well as pre-publication papers. Members of the International Network are also invited to participate to workshops held throughout the project.

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If you would like more information on the International Mite Network, please contact: Miss Marcella Ucci, email: