Site: Retiers

Name:Retiers CISP No:RTIER
Place:Retiers Grid Ref:322.2 2330.3 (FR)   Map
Parish:Retiers Stones:1
County:Ille-et-Vilaine , France Saint(s):none
Site Type:cemetery

Site Notes

Davies et al/2000, 288, `Retiers is a town on the eastern edge of Brittany, 30km south east of Rennes and 10km north of Martigné-Ferchaud [MARTF], 7km south of Visseiche [VSCHE], and 13km south of Bais [BAIS]. It is situated on the Sainte-Croix stream, on a pronounced rise, at 70m above sea level, just north east of the Forêt du Theil; the bedrock is Brioverian shale. Like the other sites of this group of stones, it lies in the good agricultural land of the Rennes basin and the surrounding countryside is hilly.

The site is 3km north of one Roman road and 8km south of the major Roman road from Rennes to Angers.

At the time of drawing the cadastral map of 1830 the bourg was small and the church focal to the settlement. The cemetery lay beyond the outskirts of the bourg, 120m south east of the church, which sat atop a south-facing slope overlooking it.

Meuret regarded Retiers as the centre of a primitive parish.'