Site: Rialton Barton

Name:Rialton Barton [Also: St Columb Minor] CISP No:RIALT
Place:Rialton Grid Ref:SW 8499 6292 (GB)   Map
Parish:St Columb Minor Stones:1
County:Cornwall (Kernow) , England Saint(s):Columba
Site Type:modern secondary

Site Notes

Okasha/1993, 220, argues that the stone was first found supporting a shed at Rialton. No information survives concerning its primary location.

Thomas/1994, 268: `A mile or so inland up a small valley (`the Porth stream') that meets the north coast at Trevelgue Porth east of Newquay is the ancient tenement of Rialton, site of an important medieval manor. A large slab of distinctive close-grained granite must have been brought from the Hensbarrow massif six to ten miles away'.