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The Applied Logic Group (ALG) is an association of academics, mostly from London colleges and universities, who have an interest in logic and its applications. Among other things, we run the ALGAE (Applied Logic Group and Anyone Else) seminar series.

Any academic or research student with an interest in logic can become an ALG member. Simply contact any of the people listed below to explain who you are and obtain the userid and password for this page's edit facility. Then click on the little "[e]" in the bottom right hand corner of this page, and add your name (please keep the last-name-based alphabetical ordering). You will probably also want to subscribe to the ALG mailing list.

If you do become a member, please also consider organising or giving the occasional ALGAE seminar.

Mailing List

The mailing list for the ALG, together with instructions on how to subscribe to it, can be found at

Current ALG Members

(New members - add your name here keeping the last-name-based alphabetical ordering:)

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