Office of the Vice-President (Advancement)


Neil Green

Head of Student Recruitment Operations

Neil Green

Neil is Head of Student Recruitment at UCL, and as such leads on the recruitment of students from the UK, EU, and overseas. He has fifteen years’ experience working in education, including roles at the Department for Education and Skills, King’s College London, and UCL. In his role he sets the strategic direction for recruitment at all levels of study, as well as affiliate and exchange students. His teams undertake data-driven recruitment which includes a wide-range of practices, including online and in-country activity, and large scale events such as the undergraduate and graduate open days.

He joined UCL in 2006 and has held a succession of roles related to student recruitment, including Liaison and Recruitment Manager (Digital Marketing), and Head of Student Recruitment Operations. He has gained a wide range of experience in recruitment throughout the world as well as in digital marketing practices. As Liaison and Recruitment Manager (Digital Marketing), Neil wrote the first digital marketing strategy for student recruitment, which brought the implementation of UCL’s first CRM system, the move to electronic enquiry collection and analysis, and the adoption of webinar platforms for online recruitment.