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IntoUniversity Buddy Programme

Applications for this opportunity are now closed.

About IntoUniversity 

IntoUniversity is an educational charity providing local learning centers where young people are inspired to achieve. At these local learning centers IntoUniversity supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a place at university or another chosen aspiration.

Buddy days

  • IntoUniversity’s Buddy programme is comprised of a half-day workshop in school led by IntoUniversity staff introducing the students to university, which is then followed by a full day trip to a university.
  • The day at university is led by university volunteers  (buddies) who lead a planned campus tour and an engaging workshop designed in collaboration with IntoUniversity staff.
  • Buddy days are usually done with 25-30 year 8 students from one of IntoUniversity’s partner schools.
  • These buddy days will be focussed on Law, for example, students can set up a mock courtroom and debated issues affecting young people. The day will also involve a campus tour and quiz designed for the young people by the University buddies.
  • University students (buddies) are fully supported by IntoUniversity staff to create their interactive workshop and are never left alone with the school students.

Buddy Requirements:

UCL Centre for Access to Justice will be helping to facilitiate these buddy days in 2023. The dates for 2023 are:

- 8 March 2023

- 17 May 2023

In order to apply, you must be available for at least 1 of the above dates (for a full day 9.30am - 5pm). Depending on numbers, you may be asked to participate in multiple buddy days. You will be asked to complete your availability on the application form.

You will also be required to attend 1 hour of training for the buddy programme at the start of Term 2 in January, date to be confirmed. During this session, you will also plan the content of the buddy day with a representative from IntoUniversity. You will also receive safeguarding training and a certificate of completion of the training. 

How to apply

Applications for this opportunity are now closed.