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P. Hawara - Index by contents

Literary papyri

Author Title/content Inventory number
Homer Iliad 2.219-223 P. Hawara 59
Ps.-Plato De Virtute 376 b-c P. Hawara 26
Vergil Aenid 2.601 P. Hawara 24 (recto)
Xenophon Cyropaedia 4.5.41-44 P. Hawara 15
Unidentified Epigrams, two, perhaps sepulchral, possibly from an early anthology P. Petrie O (2)
Unidentified ? P. Hawara 16
Unidentified ? P. Hawara 17
Unidentified ? P. Hawara 20
Unidentified ? P. Hawara 24 (verso)

Documentary papyri

Content Inventory number
Accounts P. Hawara 244
Accounts relating to contributions to the support of priests P. Hawara 188 (recto, frgs. 1-3)
Accounts relating to workmen P. Hawara 42
Acknowledgement of a deposit P. Hawara 223
Agreement for a loan P. Hawara 224
Application for epikrisis enclosed in a petition to the exegetes P. Hawara 401
Declaration of sale of land P. Hawara 298
Diekbole on account of a loan of 340 drachmae, copy of P. Hawara 303
Letter, private P. Hawara 56
Letter, private P. Hawara 76
List, apparently summarising the receipts of collectors of money-taxes, portions of P. Hawara 188 (verso, frgs. 1 and 4)
Notes of legal proceedings, apparently P. Hawara 69
Order to a banker P. Hawara 44
Order to a banker P. Hawara 68
Quittance for the payment of a bequest P. Hawara 41
Register of customs duties P. Hawara 208
Register of land P. Hawara 116 (verso)
Receipt to the strategos P. Hawara 116 (recto, col. 1)
Rescript of Petronius Quadratus, copy of P. Hawara 73
Return of flocks P. Hawara 322
Return of land (two) P. Hawara 166
Return of property P. Hawara 238
Return of property, comprising vineyard and palmgrove P. Hawara 308
Return to the sitologoi P. Hawara 116 (recto, col. 2)
Spell, magic P. Hawara 312
Surety on oath, commencement of an undertaking of P. Hawara 399
Will, draft of P. Hawara 207
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