PhD students on the job market in 2017 (in alphabetical order):

Arun Advani (UCL) (“Insurance Networks and Endogenous Poverty Traps”)

Barbara Flores (UCL) (“Social Interactions among Low-Income Households and Female Labour Force Participation”)

Sanghmitra Gautam (UCL) (“Household Demand for Sanitation: Importance of Externalities and Borrowing Constraints”)

Cristina Gualdani (UCL) (“Identification and Estimation of a Network Formation Game”)

Paul Rodriguez Lesmes (UCL) (“Does It Pay to Medicate Half of Britain? Assessing the Value of Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases in England”)

Chris Rose (Bristol, post-doc at TSE) (Identification of Spillover Effects Using Panel Data)

Federico Tagliati (UCL) (“Over-provision of an In-Kind Transfer Program: Evidence from Mexico”)

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