Bass and bassists:

Bass Specialties (store in Bensalem, PA that specializes in bass related products)
No Treble
Playbassnow (interesting videos and cool licks!)
Musician's Friend (online store with very good prices)
Tune My Bass (online tuner)
Bass Player TV (nice tutorials)
Bass Bootcamp (annual bootcamp for bassplayers in Reading, PA)
Jaco Pastorius
Stanley Clarke
Victor Wooten
Bakithi Kumalo


Amazon (UK)
Amazon (US)
Abebooks (old and rare books)
Strand (old and rare books)
Fnac (books from France)
Saraiva (books from Brazil)
Sebo On Line (used books)
Livreiros.com.br (used books)


dictionary.com (English dictionary)
Dicionario (Portuguese dictionary)
Ariel Rubinstein's Worldwide Guide for Coffee Places
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Official Time (USA) (Brazil)(Other Coutries)


Poesia numa hora dessas? (some poets I like…)
Journal of Economic Feelings (of which I was one of the editors in graduate school…)
PhD Comics
The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistical Foundation



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