Prof Mohan Edirisinghe              Biomaterials, encapsulation, therapeutics, food engineering,  
                                                          orthopaedics, tissue engineering, advanced materials processing & 

Dr. Joanne Kwon                          Brow suspension materials
Dr. Ling Ren                                  Use of pressurised gyration nano-fibre formation in antibacterial 
Dr. Poonam Kaushik Bakhshi    Nutraceuticals encapsulation using electrohydrodynamic technology
                                                          for food applications / Magnetic nanoparticle synthesis
Dr. Sunthar Mahalingam            Novel processes and devices
Dr. Jennifer Rohn                         New drug delivery for urinary tract infections

Ahmet A Topcu                              Utilization of  novel microfluidic junctions for the production of ternary
                                                          polymeric microparticles encapsulating therapeutic agents
Anjana Kothandaraman               Experimental and computational analysis of string-on-bead structures Anouska Nithyanandan                Automated patterning of advanced biomaterials
Felix Mak                                       Eye blinking dynamics
Francis Brako                               Use of pressurised gyration to produce nano-fibres incorporating 
                                                          bioactive agents
Hafeez Hashimdeen                      High resolution printing using silk sibroin
Hanif Ghanbar                              Electrospraying of micro-particles and their structures for drug delivery
Israfil Kucuk                                 A novel approach for the preparation of mono dispersed nano-capsules
Keith Lau                                       A novel device for generating in-situ wound healing patches
Mahroo Karimpoor                     Structures for enhanced drug delivery
Maryam Parhizkar                       Formation of micro-bubbles via microfluidic devices for ultrasound
                                                          imaging & therapeutics
Megdi Eltayeb                               Nanoparticles in food engineering
Panagiotis Sofokleus                    Electrohydrodynamic techniques for drug delivery and tissue
                                                          engineering applications
Siqi Zhang                                      Smart fibrous structure preparation by pressurised gyration
Sumeyra Gun                                 Encapsulation of magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery
Tian Liang                                      Generating nano-relics and nano-structures
Zewen Xu                                        Novel preparation of metal doped nano-fibres
Talayeh Shams                               Electrohydrodynamic forming of poly-pharmacy structures
Xiang Pan                                       Experimental and computational analysis of new microfluidic devices

Graduated with UCL PhDs:
Dongyang Sun, Sunthar Mahalingam, Suren Samarisinghe, Ketan Pancholi, Xian Li, Anushini Muthutantri, Uthumankandu Farook, Raheleh Bakhshi, Ming-wei Chang, Marjan Enayati, C J Luo, Bhairav Patel, Manoochehr Rasekh, Adam Bohr,
Bilal Ahmed, Oguzhan Gunduz, Zeynep Ekemen

The major research aspirations of a strong team working in the laboratory are publishing in high impact journal papers, seeking more internal/external collaboration, securing patents/forming spin-off companies, obtaining more support from grant-awarding bodies, charities,  industry and contributing to outreach activities.