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We are investigating the behaviour of quantum systems which are promising candidates for the development of future quantum technologies, such as quantum computers and quantum sensors. These include the theoretical investigation of how quantum spins qubits interact with the surrounding environment which causes the qubit to lose its quantum coherence. Often the environment can be itself a collection of other quantum spins and decoherence by a quantum bath can be rather different from decoherence by classical noise. One example are hybrid spin electronic-nuclear qubits where we have shown theoretically that the coherence times can vary by orders of magnitude at certain optimal working points. We are part of the UCL quantum information group and collaborate with experimental groups at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. We are also investigating the theory of optomechanical cooling of small mechanical resonators into the quantum ground state, in particular of small silica spheres and nanodiamonds levitated in optical fields. This project is a collaboration with the optomechanics group currently implementing experimental realisations of levitated systems .
In the past we have investigated the quantum behaviour of systems with a chaotic limit or quantum systems with a component of nonlinear dynamics. See below for some of our previous work in these areas.

There are potential Phd opportunities in the following areas:

(1) Optomechanics: towards sensing at the quantum limit

(2) Quantum spin dynamics: suppressing decoherence by quantum spin baths

We welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students or other researchers and visitors.
For further information contact Prof. T S Monteiro: TEL.+44 (020)7679 3504 t.monteiro@ucl.ac.uk


Classical vs Quantum phase space (Wigner functions) of atomic electron in a strong magnetic field: (a)chaotic(b)mixed(c)regular


Bifurcations of electronic orbits in the RTD.

Tunnelling Diodes

Rydberg Atoms in
Atoms in external fields
external fields

Rydberg Molecules in
of H2 in a
magnetic fields