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These pages list zebrafish-related publications from research groups working at UCL. Click on the arrow to download the pdf file.

You can also download summaries of our publications that need less scientific background to understand than the original papers. The UCL Fish Facility was established in 1998 and if you would like to see the citation metrics for nearly all of the zebrafish papers from UCL researchers since then, you will find them here. Please note that this site doesn't list all papers from before 1998 although you can see most of our earlier papers here.

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Cruz, C., Maegawa, S., Eric S. Weinberg, S. W. Wilson, Igor B. Dawid, and T. Kudoh (2010)
Induction and patterning of trunk and tail neural ectoderm by the homeobox gene eve1 in zebrafish embryos
PNAS 107(8):3564-3569
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Fantin A, Vieira JM, Gestri G, Denti L, Schwarz Q, Prykhozhij S, Peri F, Wilson SW, Ruhrberg C (2010)
Tissue macrophages act as cellular chaperones for vascular anastomosis downstream of VEGF-mediated endothelial tip cell induction
Blood. 2010 Apr 19. [Epub ahead of print]
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Cerveny, K.L., Cavodeassi, F., K. J. Turner, T. A. de Jong-Curtain, J. K. Heath, and S. W. Wilson (2010)
The zebrafish flotte lotte mutant reveals that the local retinal environment promotes the differentiation of proliferating precursors emerging from their stem cell niche
Development 137: 2107-2115
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Markus Tschopp, Masanari Takamiya, Kara L. Cerveny, Gaia Gestri, Oliver Biehlmaier, Stephen W. Wilson, Uwe Strähle, Stephan C. F. Neuhauss (2010)
Funduscopy in Adult Zebrafish and Its Application to Isolate Mutant Strains with Ocular Defects
PLoS ONE 5(11): e15427.
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Ewan K, Pajak B, Stubbs M, Todd H, Barbeau O, Quevedo C, Botfield H, Young RM, Ruddle R, Samuel L, Battersby A, Raynaud F, Allen N, Wilson S, Latinkic B, Workman P, McDonald E, Blagg J, Aherne W, Dale T. (2010)
A useful approach to identify novel small-molecule inhibitors of Wnt-dependent transcription.
Cancer Res. 2010 Jul 15;70(14):5963-73
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Kajita, M. C. Hogan, Andrew R. Harris, Sophie Dupre-Crochet, Nobue Itasaki, Koichi Kawakami, Guillaume Charras, Masazumi Tada and Yasuyuki Fujita (2010)
Interaction with surrounding normal epithelial cells influences signalling pathways and behaviour of Src- transformed cells
Journal of Cell Science 123:171-180
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Alexandre, P, Reugels, A, Barker, D, Blanc, E and Clarke, JDW (2010)
Neurons derive from the more apical daughter in asymmetric divisions in the zebrafish neural tube
Nature Neuroscience in press (DOI number 10.1038/nn.2547)
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Hirata H, Carta E, Yamanaka I, Harvey RJ, Kuwada JY (2010)
Defective glycinergic synaptic transmission in zebrafish motility mutants
Front Mol Neurosci 2:26
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Ogino K, Ramsden SL, Keib N, Schwarz G, Harvey RJ, Hirata H (2010)
Duplicated gephyrin genes showing distinct tissue distribution and alternative splicing patterns mediate Moco biosynthesis, glycine receptor clustering and escape behavior in zebrafish.
J Biol Chem [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 20843816
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Tamori Y, Bialucha CU, Tian AG, Kajita M, Huang YC, Norman M, Harrison N, Poulton J, Ivanovitch K, Disch L, Liu T, Deng WM, Fujita Y. (2010)
Involvement of Lgl and Mahjong/VprBP in cell competition.
PLoS Biol. 13;8(7)
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May-Simera HL, Kai M, Hernandez V, Osborn DP, Tada M, Beales PL. (2010)
Bbs8, together with the planar cell polarity protein Vangl2, is required to establish left-right asymmetry in zebrafish
Developmental Biology 345-2: 215-225
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