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Your Rights

Over the years, UCU has helped members win numerous rights at work, and we continue to campaign for their extension.

If you have a problem at work and you wish to seek advice in clarifying your rights, please contact the Branch Administrator on 020 7697 (2)1091 (ucu@ucl.ac.uk) in the first instance.

Note: in telephone numbers, a digit in brackets indicates the prefix to be used when dialling internally.

All personal case enquiries should normally be made to ucu@ucl.ac.uk in the first instance.

Your Rights

National Pay Framework (salary, grades, general rights)
'Fixed Term' Staff
Specific rights for Research Staff
Part Time Staff
Redundancy Pay
Health and Safety

These pages outline some of your rights, but they are not an exhaustive list - or necessarily a guide to making sense of HR policy!

National Pay Framework

The salary structure is a single pay spine for all staff, replacing the multitude of different pay arrangements previously in place at UCL. All UCL non-clinical staff have the same pay structure. More...

‘Fixed Term’ Staff - know your rights!

Including the Manifesto for Fixed Term Staff and many frequently asked questions. More...

Research Staff Rights

Below we summarise recent improvements to the conditions of service for research staff that have been agreed between UCLUCU and University College London. Research staff are encouraged to take advantage of these points, which should have been implemented by all departments. More...

Part Time Staff - know your rights!

There are essentially two types of part time staff at UCL. One group are part time employees who are given fractional contracts of employment. Their hours, holidays and other accumulated rights are pro-rata to that of a full time employee and their contracts are managed in exactly the same way. The second group of part time staff are 'as and when' staff who are paid according to the number of hours that they work. These are treated by UCL as 'workers' rather than employees. More...

Redundancy law - a very brief outline

If you are threatened with redundancy or are expected to make staff redundant you should review this page.

Redundancy is one of the most serious things that an employer can do to an employee in their working life. Employers are required to

  1. avoid redundancies wherever possible and
  2. select staff for redundancy fairly, if redundancy proves inevitable. More...

Redundancy Pay

Staff with 2 or more years of service are entitled to a redundancy payment if they are made redundant from UCL. More...


There are three obvious sources of information and/or advice: UCL, UCU and USS. More...

Health and Safety

If you have a health & safety problem

Your local safety or departmental representative should be your first port of call for any health or safety query or problem. More...


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