Transforming UCL


Kathleen Lonsdale Building

Project Overview

The Kathleen Lonsdale Building (KLB) is located on Gower Place and is one of the major projects being carried out as part of Transforming UCL. The existing building was constructed in 1915 as the first purpose-built Chemistry building for UCL. Over the years it has been adapted to suit different UCL departments and as a result has become somewhat fragmented, with complex circulation routes on upper levels.

Significant modifications will be made to improve KLB’s environmental performance and create better access around the building. Once completed KLB will fully accommodate the Earth Sciences department which has previously been split between different locations. In addition the work will maintain and refurbish the existing office and laboratory spaces. New open plan offices, shared studio space called Hubs, and a variety of break out spaces are also incorporated within the designs.

The refurbishment will improve the teaching, research and social learning spaces for the Chemistry (including Radio Chemistry & Computational Chemistry), Earth Sciences, Physics and AstroPhysics departments, the Faculty Office and the data centre. A number of specialist laboratories will be re-provided with significantly upgraded facilities:

  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics – Earth Sciences
  • A number of Microscopy labs and spaces
  • Geochronology – Earth Science
  • Geochemistry – Earth Science
  • Micropalaeontology Lab – Earth Science
  • Non-metal Lab – Earth Sciences
  • Multi-collector - Earth Sciences
  • Scanning Electron Microscope - Earth Sciences
  • BioGeo Chemical – Earth Sciences
  • GMP lab (Clean Room) – Chemistry (new lab)


  • Phase 1, predominately in the West Wing of KLB, due to complete in January 2017.
  • Physics and Astrophysics are due to move from Hampstead Road into Pearson’s and Lewis’s in April 2017.
  • Phase 2, predominately in the East Wing of KLB, is due to complete in August 2017.

Campus Location

Kathleen Lonsdale Building Campus Map


You can also contact the project team via email. Please include KLB in the subject headline and send your email to estates-news@ucl.ac.uk.